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Squeeze-and-turn child-resistant packages typically have one or more internal lock elements on the closure skirt that engage one or more external lock elements on the container neck finish or the container shoulder. To remove the closure, the closure skirt is diametrically squeezed at an orientation to the lock elements so that the skirt ovalizes, the internal lock elements on the skirt clear the external lock elements on the container and the closure can be unthreaded. U.S. Pat. No. 5,915,576 discloses a squeeze-and-turn child-resistant package of this type. In plastic containers for this type of package, the container neck finish typically is of injection molded construction, in which fairly tight manufacturing tolerances can be maintained. In containers having blow-molded neck finishes, however, the tolerances on the neck finish must be fairly broad, so that the child-resistance mechanism must be able to operate over a fairly substantial angle of rotation of the closure with respect to the container neck finish. It is a general object of the present disclosure to provide such a closure, to provide a container for use with such a closure and/or to provide a squeeze-and-turn child-resistant package embodying such a closure and container. [Robinson, US Patent 8,210,376 (7/3/2012)]xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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