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1. Exfoliated Clay Fillers

U.S. Patent 8,394,878 (March 12, 2013), Hyperbranched Organic Modifier, Method of Preparing thereof and Organo-Modified Clay using the same, Il Jin Kim, Kee Hae Kwon, Hyung Rang Moon, Jae Bum Park, and Seong Ho Kong (Cheil Industries Inc., Gumi-si, South Korea).

Preferably clay used in nanocomposites forms a layered-structure of exfoliated nanolayers of silicate plates.  This nanoscale structure enables better mechanical properties than conventional clay composites such as barrier properties and even improved thermal resistance.  However, exfoliating clay is difficult, usually done by treating natural montmorillonite with a metal cation.  Kim et al developed a hyperbranched polymer organic modifier which is dispersed in water or polar organic solvents for exfoliating clay of all kinds.  They reacted a tertiary amine with two terminal hydroxyl groups with a monomer having functional groups reacting with the hydroxyl groups.  The result is a hyperbranched organic modifier with a number average molecular weight of 200 to 30,000, 5 to 300 hydroxyl groups and 0 to 100 carbonyl groups per polymer chain.  This additive reacts with the clay by an ion exchange reaction to form an exfoliated clay stable in water or organic solvents.


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