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9. 8,591,660 
Method for the plasma cleaning of the surface of a material coated with an organic substance 

8. 8,591,659 
Plasma clean method for deposition chamber 


7. 8,585,826 
Apparatus and method for cleaning flexible webs 

6. 8,584,298 
Disposable finger mounted instrument cleaner 


5. 8,569,218 
Cleaning composition containing polymer microemulsion 


4. 8,557,360 
Cleaning sheet 


3. 8,551,415 
UV assisted polymer modification and in situ exhaust cleaning 

2. 8,551,252 
Methods for removing residual particles from a substrate 


1. 8,536,110 
Molded solid industrial cleaning block 


Patent Abstracts



“Industrial and institutional cleaning involves various cleaning activities including washing of dishware such as plates, cups, and utensils and the like in a continuous process at such institutions and industries like restaurants, hotels, long-term care facilities, schools and military as well as cleaning at car washes and the like and other various cleaning activities requiring the utilization of consumable cleaning products. The various cleaning processes are repeated several times each day in order to facilitate serving the large volume of individuals or customers at these facilities. Dedicated washing systems utilize associated detergents, and related products such as rinse additives, flatware presoaks, pot-pan presoaks and the like in combination with controlled dispensing systems specifically designed to handle the large bulk of volume of detergents. One of the primary characteristics of the cleaning industry is that the related products are consumable requiring the constant furnishing of replacement products. It is estimated that approximately fifty million units of molded solid detergents and extruded film wrapped detergents are consumed annually. A drawback to this industry is the production of waste materials which are associated with the packaging and delivery of the respective detergents and related products from the manufacturer to the consumer. In particular, the presence of such waste generated from such products is estimated to be approximately ten thousand tons a year.” (US Patent  8,536,110, 9/17/2-013)


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