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Polyolefin-based crosslinked articles
Jacob, Westwood and Abraham of ExxonMobil, Texas, developed a crosslinked PP rubber.  A propylene polymer is blended with at least one component selected from the group consisting of multifunctional acrylates, multifunctional methacrylates, functionalized polybutadiene resins, functionalized cyanurate, and allyl isocyanurate; and blended with at least one component selected from the group consisting of hindered phenols, phosphites, and hindered amines.  The propylene-based polymer can include propylene derived units and one or more dienes, and have a triad tacticity of from 50% to 99% and a heat of fusion of less than 80 J/g. The blended composition can then be extruded and crosslinked.  The extruded polymer can be crosslinked using electron beam radiation having an e-beam dose of about 100 KGy or less. The crosslinked polymers are particularly useful for making fibers and films. (RDC 5/24/2012)


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