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 2. “There has been research conducted in the area of coatings incorporating antimicrobial agents. Certain of the research has been directed towards coatings involving active release strategies. Antibiotics, silver ions, and antiseptics, have been among the antimicrobial agents studied.

In the area of antimicrobial coatings for medical devices, whether for short term use or long term permanent implants, many scientific publications refer to their use in connection with central venous catheters, urinary tract catheters and penile prostheses. A particular combination of two antibiotics, Rifampin and Minocycline, has been shown to successfully reduce bio-film colonization on these specific devices.

A number of methods to coat silicone surfaces of medical devices have also been previously studied. In one known approach, impregnation of a device with antibiotics dissolved in a swelling agent was employed. In other approaches, coatings involved application of a film of silicone oil followed by antimicrobial agents in a powder form or a graft-polymerization of a coating incorporating a drug. In yet another approach, a hydrophilic polymer containing antibiotic ceramic particles was utilized.

Many of these methods and approaches can be classified as "surface coatings" since only the surface of the device is coated by antibiotics. However, another method designed to promote the penetration of the antimicrobial agents throughout the volume of the device ("impregnation") is also known.”

[Biocidal Coatings, US Patent 8,419,793 (4/16/2013)]


1. “To make the living environment more hygienic and healthy, a variety of antibacterial products have been produced by coating antibacterial metal films on the substrates of the products. The metal may be copper (Cu), zinc (Zn), or silver (Ag). However, the coated metal films are soft and bond poorly to the substrate, so the metal films are prone to abrasion. Moreover, the metal ions within the metal films rapidly dissolve from killing bacterium, so the metal films have a short lifespan.” [Biocidal Coatings, US Patent 8,440,321 (5/14/2013)]


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