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2. 8,231,374 
Extrusion apparatus for making multilayer articles
Chin et al of Boston Scientific Scimed, Inc., Minnesota, an extrusion apparatus for making a multilayer article using multiple discs, each of which has at least one passageway configured to permit fluid flow therethrough in a flow direction. At least one of the discs includes a cone shaped portion extending substantially parallel to the flow direction.  This system is used to multilayer catheter balloons. (RDC 8/7/2012)

1. 8,211,517 
Multi-layered coextruded tube
Martens, Mathew and  Topoulos of DuPont, Delaware, developed a multi-layered co-extruded tubes consisting of an outer layer of a first semiaromatic semicrystalline polyamide having a melt temperature of about 240 to 280 C,  a thermal stabilizer and an inner layer including a second semiaromatic semicrystalline polyamide having a glass transition equal to or greater than C. (RDC 7/9/2012)


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