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Polymeric materials and additives therefor
Jarvis, Frost and Rule of Colormatrix Europe Limited, Great Britain, developed a polymer additive for improving the reheat characteristics of a polymer or polymeric composition comprises an inorganic material which is such that a 2.5 mm thick polyethylene terephthalate plaque incorporating the inorganic material has, when tested, an absorption ratio of less than 0.9, wherein the absorption ratio is either the ratio of A1/A2 or the ratio A1/A3, wherein: A1 is the maximum absorption between 400 nm and 550 nm; A2 is the maximum absorption between 700 to 1100 nm; A3 is the maximum absorption between 700 to 1600 nm. Preferred inorganic materials are titanium nitride, indium tin oxide and lanthanum hexaboride.  (RDC 7/10/2012)

Thermoplastic material comprising polychromic substances
Rogers, Lamb and Jarvis of The Procter & Gamble Company, Ohio, developed a polychromic additive based on a functionalised diacetylene having the formula which has the general structure: X--C.ident.C--C.ident.C--Y--(CO)n-QZ wherein X is H or alkyl, Y is a divalent alkylene group, Q is O, S or NR, R is H or alkyl, and Z is alkyl, and n is 0 or 1.  The material is added to a thermoplastic and irradiated to color at least a region of the plastic article (RDC 7/10/2012)


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