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Polymer-bound phosphitylating reagents for the synthesis of organophosphorus compounds

Parang and Ahamdibeni of State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantation, Rhode Island, synthsized modified oligonucleotides containing diphosphodiester internucleotide linkages using diphosphitylating reagents via a solid-phase synthesis.  Diphosphitylating, triphosphitylating, tetraphosphitylating, .beta.-triphosphitylating, bifunctional diphosphitylating, bifunctional triphosphitylating, and bifunctional tetraphosphitylating reagents are used where the phosphorus atoms are linked together through oxygen, sulfur, amino, or methylene groups and/or are substituted with chlorine, diisopropylamine and cyanoethoxy groups.  (RDC 6/29/2012)


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(RDC 6/5/2012)


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