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Patent Abstracts

1. Orienting Fillers

U.S. Patent 8,475,703 (July 2, 2013), “Method of Orientating Fillers in Composite Materials,” Lih-Sheng Turng, Larry R. Holmes, Jr., Yiyan Peng, and Xiaochun Li (Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation, Madison, Wisconsin, USA).

Filled and refinforced plastics are very common as high performance materials.  However, locally tailored, composites with different properties in different locations known as functionally graded materials are desired for special applications. Turng et al controlled filler orientation during processing using electric fields.  Fillers or fibers are arranged in a matrix material either by rapid prototyping or mold placement.  The mold is fixed and a directional electric field is applied, aligning fillers and fibers.  A portion of the matrix is cured with desirable filler or fiber orientation. The procedure can be repeated layer by layer until completion.  Candidate fillers include aluminum micro-particles, alumina micro-particles and multi-walled carbon nano-tubes. 


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