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2. A compatibilizer is any interfacial agent or surfactant that facilitates formation of uniform blends of normally immiscible polymers with desirable end properties.i.e promotes dissolution of one material in another. (RDC 2/7/2011)

1. “However, when polymers to be blended have an incompatible relationship that they are not dissolved therewith each other, there is a case where the polymers are not sufficiently dispersed simply by blending them together so that a modification effect is not obtained. It is known that, in such a case, dispersibility of both polymer phases can be improved by using a compatibilizing agent. Various compatibilizing agents have been reported. For example, it is described that describes that addition of layered silicate to a blend of polyamide and polyphenylene oxide makes it possible to selectively disperse the layered silicate in a polyamide phase, thereby allowing a polymer alloy having a controlled higher-order structure to be produced (Non-Patent Document 1). However, in this document, target polymers are only polyamide and polyphenylene oxide, and there is no description about preparation of polymer alloys obtained by blending a variety of polymers having different behaviors.”  [Hiroi and Yamamoto, US Patent 8,258,242 (9/4/2012)]


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