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2. 8,216,492 
Conductive masterbatches and conductive monofilaments
Cheng of the Taiwan Textile Research Institute, Taiwan, developed a polyester matrix powder comprising a polybutylene terephthalate, a homogeneously dispersed carbon nanotube powder, a dispersant and a chain extender; to a conductive masterbatch with homogeneous and smooth surface; to a process for the preparation of the conductive masterbatch; to a conductive monofilament prepared from the conductive masterbatch; to a process for the preparation of the conductive monofilament; and to a fabric article prepared from the monofilament. The present invention is characterized in the preparation of carbon nanotube-containing fiber materials with higher conductivity and the improvement of the spinning property of the conductive masterbatches to avoid blocking and yarn breakage during the spinning process. (RDC 7/24/2012)

1. 8,192,650 
Method for manufacturing carbon nanotube-conducting polymer composite
Meng, Liu and Fan of Tsinghua University and Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., China, formed a conducting composite by compounding a conducting polymer with the CNT film by in-situ chemical polymerization. (RDC 6/18/2012)


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