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12. 8,372,766 
Conductive webs 

11. 8,372,562 
Conductive carbon carrier for fuel cell, electrode catalyst for fuel cell and solid polymer fuel cell comprising same 

10. 8,372,558 
Highly proton-conductive polymer electrolyte membranes that excel in mechanical strength and a process for producing the same 

9. 8,372,242 
Conductive webs and process for making same 


8. 8,114,314 
Electroconductive curable resins 

7. 8,110,126 
Electrically conductive fiber and brush 


6. 8,105,505 
Electrically conductive polymeric composite material


5. 8,101,709 
Synthesis of conducting polymer nanofibers using an oligomer of a monomer as an initiator

4. 8,101,699 
Electron-transporting polymers


3. 8,088,308 
Resin composition and semiconductor device produced by using the same

2. 8,088,307 
Metal paste for forming a conductive layer

1. 8,088,306 
Electroconductive thermoplastic resin composition and plastic article including the same


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