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3 8,210,379 
Collapsible container
Afflerbach et al of Pacific Bin Corporation, Washington, developed a collapsible container for liquid and/or solid/liquid mixtures, to be assembled and disassembled manually without the use of tools.  The container includes upright panels coupled to a base.  Each panel of a first type is flanked along its opposing upright edges by a pair of adjacent panels of a second type. Each of the edges of each of the panels is coupled by an edge joining assembly to one of the edges of one of the flanking panels. The assembly comprises a first elongated edge joining member having a longitudinal channel with alternating partially enclosed portions and substantially unenclosed portions and a second elongated edge joining member having longitudinally extending spaced apart locking members. Each unenclosed portion is configured to receive a locking member, which are slid longitudinally within the channel into an adjacent partially enclosed portion. (RDC 7/5/2012)

2 8,177,431 
Flexible container
Turvey, LeBoeuf and  Wilson of S.C/ Johnson, Wisconsin, developed a A flexible container comprises a mesh material layer and a thermoplastic layer that forms a wall of the flexible container and is disposed external to the mesh material layer. A flexible handle is disposed external to the mesh material layer. The mesh material layer, the thermoplastic layer, and the flexible handle are joined by stitching. (RDC 5/23/2012)

1 8,177,098 
Molded preform and container having integrated pour spout
Penny of Amcor, Australia, developed a one-piece plastic container with a body defining a longitudinal axis and having an upper portion, a sidewall portion and a base portion.  The upper portion has a spout defining an opening into the container and a finish offset radially outwardly from the spout.  A trough defines a passage into the body.  The trough slopes toward the passage and defines a non-orthogonal angle relative to the longitudinal axis.  According to other features, the sidewall portion is integrally formed with and extends from the upper portion to the base portion.  The base portion closes off an end of the container.  The finish defines at least one thread, for a closure. (RDC 5/22/2012)


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