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Impregnated rotary bit
Dourfaye and De Reynal of Varel International, Ind., L.P., Texas, developed a drill bit based on continuous segments impregnated with diamond.  Each are mounted to form a corresponding blade. The regions between the blades define fluid passages on the bit face.  The blades extend radially outwardly to the gage.  The continuous segments may be either straight or spiral in design. Furthermore, the design of the segments supports varying one or more of: diamond content, width, back rake angle and/or relief angle along a length of the segment. (RDC 7/5/2012)

Methods of forming fiber-containing diamond-impregnated cutting tools

Drivdahl and  Rupp of Longyear TM, Utah,  developed fibers for diamond-impregnated cutting tools.  A matrix is formed that contains fibers made from carbon, glass, ceramic or polymers.  The matrix is then sintered to form a cutting portion of a drill bit.  The type and concentration of the fibers can be modified to control the tensile strength and the erosion rate of the matrix to optimize the cutting performance of the tools.  Additionally, the fibers may be added to the cutting section to weaken the structure and allow higher modulus binders to be used for the cutting tools at a lower cost, allowing the amount of fibers to be tailored to retain the diamonds in the cutting portion for the desired amount. As the cutting portion erodes, the fibers may also increase the lubricity at the face of the cutting portion.  (RDC 6/11/2012)


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(RDC 6/5/2012)


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