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2. 8,287,795 
Door, deep draw molded door facing, and methods of forming door and facing
Liang et al of the Masonite Corporation, Florida, developed a wood composite panel having a major planar portion, at least one panel portion, and an inwardly extending contoured portion surrounding the panel portion and interconnecting the major planar portion and the panel portion.  The contoured portion defines an inter-relationship between a vector angle and a deep draw depth that achieve a satisfactory stretch factor.  The present invention also relates to a door having the disclosed wood composite door facings, and methods of forming the facing and door. (RDC 10/31/2012)

1. 8,178,021 
Method of manufacturing a drawn biodegradable micro-filament
Suzuki of the University of Yamanashi and Gunze Limited, Japan, developed a simple drawing process for biodegradable micro-filaments of polylactic acid and polyglycolic acid without needing special, high-accuracy and high-level apparatus; it is characterized in that highly molecular oriented micro-filament those of 12 microns or less and generally from 2 to 3 microns.  This is done by heating biodegradable filaments by infrared beam and the heated original filament is drawn to 100 times or more by tension of 10 MPa or less, i.e. the weight of the fiber only. (RDC 5/24/2012)


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