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4. 8,242,325 
Wound covering and its method of production by extrusion coating
Leumann and Dobmann of Collano AG., Switzerland, produced a foam wound dressing with an outer germ barrier.  The germ barrier is generated by means of extrusion directly on the foam support.  This results in a more reliable union between foam layer and germ barrier, without thereby compromising the absorbency of the foam in respect of wound exudate. (RDC 9/5/2012)

3. 8,240,009 
Non-woven fiber assemblies
Smith and Reneker of the University of Akron, Ohio, developed a non-woven fiber material consisting of one or more fibers with an adhesive where each fiber contains: a hydrophilic component; and an elastomeric component.  This material can used for a medical dressing.  (RDC 8/14/2012)

2. 8,193,406 
Super-hydrophobic bandages and method of making the same
Simpson and D'Urso of UT-Battelle, Tennesse, developed a breathable bandage with superhydrophobic particles attached to the first surface.  The superhydrophobic particles range in size from about 100 nanometers to about 10 micrometers and form nanopores and spaced apart nanostructures that define an external boundary of the hydrophobic particles.  The nanopores providing a flow through porosity.  The material can have a second surface opposite the first surface that is hydrophilic. (RDC 6/29/2012)

1. 8,193,267 
Polymer compositions with bioactive agent, medical articles, and methods
Burton et al of SM, Minnesota, developed an antimicrobial material for wound dressings and packing consisting of a hydrophilic polymer, an optional secondary organic polymer and a biocide such as a silver compound, a copper compound or a zinc compound.. (RDC 6/27/2012)


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