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1. 8,372,504 
Transparent composite compound 

Bae et al of the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, South Korea,  developed a non-hydrolytic transparent composite with excellent transparency, heat resistance and a low thermal expansion coefficient.  This includes a glass filler dispersed in a crosslinked transparent resin produced by a non-hydrolytic reaction.  The non-hydrolytic transparent siloxane resin is a resin having Si--O (siloxane) bonds, a resin having at least one kind of heterometal bonds, including Si--O bonds.  When the transparent siloxane resin produced by a non-hydrolytic reaction forms a composite in combination with the glass filler, the composite shows high transparency and heat resistance, as well as a low thermal expansion coefficient. Therefore, the transparent composite composition is useful as a substrate for thin film transistor (TFT) devices, display devices and optical devices.  (RDC 2/19/2013)


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