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2. Transparent EMF Shielding

U.S. Patent 8,535,810 (September 17, 2013), “Transparent Plastic Film for Shielding Electromagnetic Waves and Method for Producing a Plastic Film of this Type,” Matthias Fahland, Tobias Vogt, Nicolas Schiller, Waldemar Schoenberger, Steffen Guenther, and John Fahlteich (Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft zur Foerderung der Angewandten Forschung E.V., Munich, Germany).

Modern technologies such as mobile radio telephones, satellite television, microwave technology and radar generate electromagnetic fields which can affect living structures including humans.  Protection is based on absorption and reflection.  Most protective materials are filled and opaque.  However, many modern devices require transparency.  Fahland et al developed a a transparent plastic EMF shield based on an adherent laminate.  One example is a polyethylene terephthalate (PET) transparent film attached to a laminate of very thin 5 to 29 nm silver layer between two,  2 to 50 nm niobium oxide layers formed by sputtering.  The oxide layers absorb the radiation and the silver conducts away the radiation.

1. 8,211,267 
Electromagnetic shielding composite and method for making the same
Lin et al of Tsinghua University and Hon Hai Precision Industry Co, Taiwan, developed an electromagnetic shielding composite including a polymer and  carbon nanotubes in a form of carbon nanotube film structure.  A method for making an electromagnetic shielding composite includes the steps of: (a) providing an array of carbon nanotubes; (b) drawing a carbon nanotube film from the array of carbon nanotubes; (c) providing a substrate, covering at least one carbon nanotube film on the substrate to form a carbon nanotube film structure; and (d) providing a polymer and combining the carbon nanotube film structure with the polymer to form an electromagnetic shielding composite. (RDC 7/5/2012)


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