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Encapsulation refers to the manufacturing of seamless capsules that encapsulates fillers such as a food products, health food products, medicine, flavors, spices or other materials  with a capsule shell such as gelatin.

“Many seamless capsules used for a medicine or the like are manufactured by a so-called dropping method.  The dropping method is carried out by using a multiple nozzle.  Thus, in the case of manufacturing a two-layer capsule, a double nozzle having an ejection port for ejecting the capsule filling substance and an ejection port for ejecting the film forming substance respectively arranged at the inside and at the outside is used.  The filling substance and the film forming substance are ejected from the tips of the respective nozzles into hardening liquid, and the ejected liquid drops take a spherical form due to the surface tension thereof.  Then, the liquid drops are cooled and hardened in the hardening liquid that is forced to circulate at a constant speed to make spherical seamless capsules.”

[Takei and Nagao, US Patent 8,070,466 (12/6/2011)]


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