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Fiber board capable of capturing and decomposing aldehyde
Nishio, Hatano and Kuki of Nichiha Corporation developed a board capable of capturing and decomposing both formaldehyde and acetaldehyde consisting of a wood fiber board with a plant fiber of 30 wt% or more, and an aldehyde capturing agent such as carbodihydrazide which is impregnated and solidified inside the side of the fiber board. In addition to the wood fiber board, a fiber board made of a mixture material of a resin fiber and a plant fiber combined. A carbodihydrazide is sprayed onto the fiber board in the form of water solution and optionally comprises a surfactant. (RDC 7/9/2012)

Metal scavenging polymers and uses thereof

Zinn, Shah and Andrews of Nalco Company, Illinois, developed an acrylic polymer containing acrylic-x and an alkylamine and  is modified to contain a functional group capable of scavenging one or more compositions containing one or more metals are disclosed. These polymers have many uses in various mediums, including wastewater systems.  (RDC 7/9/2012)


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