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Patent Abstracts

7. 8,287,787 
Wire cooling water trough
Henderson of Cerro Wire LLC, Alabama, developed a cooling system for flexible elongate extruded materials, such as tubing or jacketed electrical wire and cable.  Cooling trough embodiments have a base, a wet cooling chamber above the base, and an air dry chamber above the wet cooling chamber.  The base contains a reservoir for collecting and storing a cooling liquid. An extruded material, such as a cable, enters the wet cooling chamber, where the cooling liquid from the reservoir is sprayed onto the material, the material is then passed to the air dry chamber where it is dried. (RDC 10/29/2012)

6. 8,287,786 
Method of cooling extrusions by circulating gas
Thomas, Missouri, developed a cryogenic cooling system including a high velocity gas chiller. The high velocity gas chiller circulates a coolant within a chamber removing thermal energy from the extrudate by convection.  The high velocity gas chiller controls the velocity of the coolant across the extrudate to optimize cooling efficiency. (RDC 10/29/2012)

5. 8,242,325 
Wound covering and its method of production by extrusion coating
Leumann and Dobmann of Collano AG., Switzerland, produced a foam wound dressing with an outer germ barrier.  The germ barrier is generated by means of extrusion directly on the foam support.  This results in a more reliable union between foam layer and germ barrier, without thereby compromising the absorbency of the foam in respect of wound exudate. (RDC 9/5/2012)

4. 8,240,520 
Material extruder
Scheid and Boivin of the US Navy, Washington, District of Columbia, developed a method for extruding viscous materials.  A dispenser consists of a control mechanism(s), a material containing structure and ports adapted to be coupled to a portable high-pressure gas source.  A user controls a flow of the high-pressure gas with a control mechanism such as a trigger. The gas moves a piston and displaces viscous materials, such as an explosive, out of the structure through an output port or an output port coupled to a nozzle.  A transparent tube enables visual monitoring of the material flow. (RDC 8/15/2012)

3. 8,215,940 
Layer multiplying apparatus
Winroth, US Army, Washington, District of Columbia, formed multiple layers of composite streams with an intermediate section open conduits sandwiched between housing sections that close the conduits.  The conduits have respective first stages separated by a first blade extending to a first face, and respective second stages separated by a second blade extending to a second face. The first stages separate the stream into sub-streams and compress and shift the sub-streams in a first dimension, whereas the second stages shift the sub-streams in a second dimension. In order to maintain a constant cross-sectional area of the sub-streams, the housing sections may be provided with complementary open channels. The apparatus can be used to multiply layers which are side-by-side or one-over-another by changing orientation in the direction of flow. (RDC 7/24/2012)

2. 8,192,189 
Arrangement and method in connection with extrusion tools
Korolainen and Sistola of Maillefer, Switzerland,  developed an arrangement in connection with extrusion tools.  It consists of a nozzle structure which is provided with coaxially arranged nozzle elements  and is arranged to form one or more layers which cover a flexible elongated element on the surface of the flexible elongated element, which passes through the innermost nozzle element, and a guide member corresponding the diameter of the elongated element for controlling the flexible elongated element.  The guide member is arranged to be pushed in the direction of the elongated element into its position inside the two innermost nozzle elements defining a first melt channel. The guide member is arranged to provide a tapered space  between the elongated element and the guide member, and the tapered space is in fluid communication with the first melt channel  (RDC 6/18/2012)

1. 8,186,991 
Extruder system and cutting assembly
Pinchot of JMP Industries, Ohio, developed an improved wiper blade to improved the throughput and/or quality of the extruded material through one or more extruder plates (RDC 6/4/2012)


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