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Method for production of plastic lens
Itoh and Kousaka of the Hoya Corporation, Japan, developed a plastic lens starting with a prepolymer containing sulfur by bringing at least one compound having epithio group, sulfur and a portion of a polythiol compound into reaction with each other and, thereafter, adding rest of the polythiol compound to the prepared prepolymer comprising sulfur and allowing polymerization to proceed. A plastic lens of excellent quality which exhibits excellent weatherability in combination with a great refractive index, a great Abbe number and excellent transparency is produced. (RDC 6/27/2012)

Plastic polarized lens and method of producing the same
Ryu, Kobayashi and Aiiso of Mitsui Chemicals, Japan, developed a plastic polarized lens which is excellent in processability and the like as well as in adhesion property of the polarized film, and a method of producing the same. In the plastic polarized lens of the present invention, layers comprised of thiourethane-based resins obtained by reacting (A) isocyanate compounds with (B) active hydrogen compounds are stacked on both sides of a polarized film comprised of thermoplastic polyester formed under a predetermined temperature condition.  (RDC 6/7/2012)


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