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Modified binders for making fiberglass products
Tutin, Hines and Wertz of Georgia-Pacific Chemicals, Georgia, developed coupling agent for fiberglass.  This includes a phenol-aldehyde resin or a mixture of Maillard reactants and one or more modifiers selected from the group consisting of a copolymer comprising one or more vinyl aromatic derived units and at least one of maleic anhydride and maleic acid; an adduct of styrene, at least one of maleic anhydride and maleic acid, and at least one of an acrylic acid and an acrylate; and one or more latexes. (RDC 6/26/2012)

Process for binding fibrous materials and resulting product
Shooshtari and Asrar of Johns Manvilled, Colorado, developed a non-phenol-formaldehyde binder for fiber glass.  It is based on free-radical polymerization and esterification crosslinking reaction.  The intermediate reaction product is formed by the reaction of (i) at least one anhydride having at least one unsaturated double bond capable of undergoing free-radical polymerization, and (ii) at least one polyol crosslinker.  When applied to a fibrous material, the binding composition comprising the intermediate reaction product is cured in the presence of a free-radical initiator and a polyol crosslinker wherein the double bonds present in the intermediate reaction product undergo free-radical polymerization and hydroxyl and carboxylic acid end groups undergo crosslinking to form a cured binder. In a preferred embodiment the securely bound fibrous product is fiberglass building insulation that well withstands water even at elevated temperatures. (RDC 6/26/2012)


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