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2. 8,241,452 
Reinforcement fibrous cord having excellent adhesive strength and method of producing same
Obora and Furukawa of Teijin Fibers Limited, Japan, developed a reinforcement fibrous cord with excellent adhesive strength by impregnating a meshed cord fabric formed from warp yarns for reinforcement cords and weft yarns having a softening temperature or a melting temperature lower than any of the other softening temperatures, the melting temperature and the thermal decomposition-initiating temperature of the warp yarns, with adhesive agent, and heat-treating the fabric at the temperature equal to or higher than the softening or melting temperature of the weft yarn and lower than any of the softening temperature, the melting temperature and the thermal decomposition-initiating temperature of the warp yarns so that the weft yarns are self-broken while being fuse-adhered to the adhesive agent-impregnated warp yarns whereby projections caused by the broken residues of the weft yarns are formed on the warp yarns. (RDC 8/16/2012)

1. 8,211,272 
Para-aramid pulp including meta-aramid fibrids and processes of making same
Levit and Amma of DuPont, Delaware, developed para-aramid pulp including meta-aramid fibrids for use as reinforcement material in products including for example friction materials, fluid sealing materials, and papers. (RDC 7/5/2012)


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