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2. 8,242,181 
Aluminum oxide dispersion and method of preparing same
Zhu of Dow Corning, Michigan,  developed an aluminum oxide dispersion of 30 to 99.9 wt% of a solvent and 0.1 to 70 wt% of aluminum oxide nanofibers suspended in the solvent.  The nanofibers consist of 0 to 99.99 wt% .gamma.-AlO(OH) and 0.01 to 100 w% .gamma.-Al2O3. (RDC 8/29/2012)

1. 8,217,106 
Optical diffusible material
Sakaguchi and Oki of the Kao Corporation, Japan, developed ceramic particles as optical diffusible fillers consisting of (I) and (II): (I) the total amount of Al2O3 or MgO and SiO2 is 80% by weight or more; and (II) the weight ratio of Al2O3 or MgO to SiO2 ((Al2O3 or MgO)/SiO2) is 0.1 to 15. (RDC 7/28/2012)


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