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6. 8,303,758 
Methods for manufacturing composite sections for aircraft fuselages and other structures
Chapman et al of the Boeing Company, Illinois, developed a method for manufacturing composite sections for aircraft fuselages and other structures.  A shell structure is formed by applying composite material to an interior mold surface of a tool to form a skin extending 360 degrees around an axis.  The method can further include positioning a plurality of stiffeners on an inner surface of the skin.  After the stiffeners have been positioned, a vacuum bag can be installed over the stiffeners and evacuated to press the stiffeners and the skin outwardly against the interior mold surface of the tool.  Next, the skin/stiffener combination can be cocured to bond the stiffeners to the skin and harden the shell structure.  (RDC 12/6/2012)

5. 8,303,295 
Expansion tool device for pliers or machine for producing sockets at the ends of pipes made out of plastic or composite material
Gueit of Virax, Societe par Actions Simplifiee, France, developed an expansion tool for pliers or machine for producing sockets at the ends of pipes made out of plastic or composite material, used in plumbing.  The device includes a cylindrically-shaped ferrule formed by the tightening of several sector-shaped chucks.  The chucks are movable in the radial direction under the action of the insertion between them of a tapered needle movable in axial translation through the actuation of the pliers or machine.  The chucks are allowed to pass from a tightened position to a separated position. In an integrated way or in a unit designed capable of being intercalated between the ferrule and the pliers or machine, there is an automatic driver for the ferrule, when the ferrule passes from the separated position to the tightened position, directly or indirectly, in axial swiveling according to a portion of a turn. (RDC 12/5/2012)

4. 8,241,447 
Method for manufacturing tubes by welding
Thomasset of Aisapack Holding S.A., Switzerland, welded a strip for the production of flexible tubing by shaping of a strip around a welding rod; contacting of the ends of the strip to form a welded zone by heating and compressing said ends and, then, cooling (RDC 8/16/2012)

3. 8,210,014 
Flexible forming device for forming three-dimensional shaped workpieces
Li et al of Jilin University, China,  developed a flexible forming device for forming three-dimensional shaped workpieces, consisting of a frame, at least two working rollers, one or more working roller driving mechanisms and one or more adjusting mechanisms, wherein the working rollers, the one or more working roller driving mechanisms and the one or more adjusting mechanisms are installed on the frame respectively. At least one of the working rollers is a flexible working roller, which is bendable and adjustable. The forming device need not use a mold and can realize the continuous formation of a three-dimensional curved surface of a plate-shaped workpiece, and the gradual formation of a tube-shaped or bar-shaped three-dimensional shaped workpiece. The forming device can save manpower, material and time. (RDC 7/3/2012)

2. 8,192,665 
Methods for fabricating polymer-bioceramic composite implantable medical devices
Huang and Gale of Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc., fabricated a stent using a suspension solution by combining a first fluid containing a dissolved polymer and suspended bioceramic particles with a second fluid to form a fluid mixture, wherein the second fluid is a poor solvent for the polymer and is immiscible with the first fluid so that the fluid mixture comprises a second fluid phase and suspension solution phase; spraying the fluid mixture to form a plurality of droplets; allowing at least some of the polymer to separate from the fluid in the droplets, wherein at least some of the bioceramic particles separate with the polymer to form a composite mixture, the composite mixture comprising the removed bioceramic particles dispersed within the removed polymer. A stent is fabricated from the composite mixture.  (RDC 6/18/2012)

1. 8,137,736 
Fabrication method for hollow microneedles for drug delivery
Zhu et al of Nanjing University, China formed an array of hollow needles by (1) coating an elongated template of a first material with a second material to form a cover; (2) removing tips of the template and cover to form an opening in the cover; and (3) removing the template of the first material to obtain hollow microneedles of the second material.  Materials for the needles include copper, gold, polystyrene, nickel, PZT ceramic, PMMA and silica.


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