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2. 8,302,269 
Fastening device
Pitman of Talon International, Inc., California, developed a plastic fastener for clothing consisting of a first female component and a second male component, each component adapted for attachment to a back panel, wing or strap of a garment or the like, the first component includes a plastic first plate having an inner side and an outer side.  The second component includes a second plastic plate having an inner side and an outer side adapted to at least partially overlie the outer side of the first plate in use.  The first plate is formed with a plurality of connecting recesses and the inner side of the second plate is formed with at least one connecting protrusion adapted to be releasably received and retained selectively in any one of the connecting recesses.  The second plate is formed with a resilient nose inclined downwardly in the direction from its outer side towards its inner side and is deflected upwardly when the components are coupled together to bear resiliently against the outer side of the first plate. (RDC 11/9/2012)

1. 8,192,571 
Plastic impact driven fasteners
Tucker and Showers of Utility Composites, Texas, developed an impact driven fastener with a plastic penetrating portion and a head having a heat deformation temperature less than about 250 F.  The penetrating portion has a flexural strength greater than about 9500 psi. (RDC 6/18/2012)


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