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5. 8,303,864 
Fire-retarding sheet material having a metallic effect
Bumann of Evonik Rohm GmbH, Germany, colored flame-retardant plastics mouldings composed of polyphenyl sulphones (PPSUs) or of polycarbonates (PCs) awith Iridoin.RTM. pigments in such a way as to have a metallic effect. The effect is resistant to the usual stresses present in an aircraft cabin and complies with the respective fire-protection requirements. (RDC 12/7/2012)

4. 8,288,455 
Phosphorus loaded particles and methods for their preparation and use

Miller of Empire Technology Development, LLC, Delaware, developed a flame retardant additive includes red phosphorus adsorbed into a porous carrier. The carrier may be mixed with white phosphorus above its melting point ( C.), so that liquid phosphorus is pulled into the pores of the carrier by capillary action. The phosphorus-loaded carrier may be heated above C. to convert the white phosphorus to red phosphorus. The resulting red phosphorus-loaded carrier may retain flame retardant activity, and may also be protected from the environment for easier handling and formulation. By employing a carrier of a suitably small particle size, it is practical to incorporate the flame retardant red phosphorus-loaded carrier in thin films. (RDC 11/1/2012)

3. 8,287,779 
Aluminosilicate polymer as fire retardant
Poncelet of Commissariat a l'Energie Atomique et aux Energies Alternative, France, used purified aluminosilicated polymer of the imogolite type or allophane type as a fire retardant.  (RDC 10/29/2012)

2. 8,242,183 
Brominated polymers as FR additives and polymer systems containing same
King, Worku and Stobby of Dow, developed brominated polymers as flame retardants. These include: i) a copolymer having styrene and 2,3-dibromopropylmaleimide repeating units; ii) a brominated polyester having aliphatically bound bromine; iii) an allyl ether of a ring-brominated novolac resin; iv) a 3-bromo-2-hydroxypropyl ether of a novolac resin; v) a 2,3-dibromopropyl ether of a cresol novolac resin; and vi) a brominated ROMP polymer or copolymer. (RDC 8/29/2012)

1. 8,193,287 
Process for brominating butadiene copolymers by the addition of water or certain solvents
Gorman of Dow, Michigan,  brominatged butadiene copolymers are using certain quaternary ammonium tribromides as the brominating agent.  The bromination process proceeds easily under mild conditions, and produces a brominated product that has excellent thermal stability. A quaternary ammonium monobromide salt is produced as a reaction by-product.  A solvent for the monobromide salt is added to the reaction after 25-90% bromination of the aliphatic carbon-carbon double bonds.  This provides for significantly shorter reaction times while providing a product with few impurities. (RDC 6/28/2012)


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