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5, Plasma Treating Foams

U.S. Patent 8,475,724 (July 2, 2013), “Method and Apparatus for Plasma-Treating Porous Body,” Koichi Kono, Kotaro Kimishima, and Kazuki Kiso (Toray Battery Separator Film Co., Ltd., Tochigi, Japan).

Plasma treatment is often used to modify surfaces of materials such as hydrophilizing hydrophobic materials.  However, it is difficult to treat inner pore surfaces of foams to the same extent as the exterior surfaces.  Kono, Kimishima and  Kiso solved this problem by pushing the plasma reactants through a foam using a vacuum.   The foamed film, sheet or plate is placed on a porous support.  The plasma is formed and the reactive gas sent, flowing over the foam.  The other side of the porous support is evacuated with an aspirator or vacuum pump to 5 to 50 Pa pressure forcing the plasma through the foam and reacting with the inner surfaces.    


4. 8,356,717 
Hydrophilic porous substrates 

Waller, Jr. and  Weiss of 3M, Minnesota, formed hydrophilic foams by filling a hydrophobic plastic foam with acrylic monomers with extra free-radical polymerizable groups,a photoinitiator  and hydrophilic monomers.  Expose the mixture to electron beam radiation to develop a functionalized surface and use ultraviolet radiation to complete the grafting, forming a hydrophilic foam.  (RDC 1/28/2013)

3. 8,354,461 
Foamable fluoropolymer composition 

Venkataraman and Young of DuPont, Delaware, developed a foamable composition consisting of a partially-crystalline melt processible perfluoropolymer and a foam nucleating package. The foamable composition has a uniform foam cell size where the foam cell size of at least 90% of the foamed cells is 50 micrometers or less. The foam nucleating package ranges from 0.1 to 10 wt % of the combined weight of the perfluoropolymer and the foam nucleating package(RDC 1/23/2013)

2. 8,287,684 
Foam welding and profile manufacturing system
Henderson et al of Nomaco Inc., North Carolina, developed a high speed welding system for fusing adjacent foam profiles in a continuous manufacturing operation, a unique, integrated, foam welding and profile manufacturing system is attained which is capable of producing virtually any desired foam product from foam extrusions without requiring the use of expensive molds or forming components, and which significantly reduces expensive scrap found in prior art construction systems. Sheet of foam are extruded with a complex shape such an I cross-section.  Sheets are placed in close contact and welded together with a moving hot wire or rod. (RDC 10/24/2012)

1. 8,242,325 
Wound covering and its method of production by extrusion coating
Leumann and Dobmann of Collano AG., Switzerland, produced a foam wound dressing with an outer germ barrier.  The germ barrier is generated by means of extrusion directly on the foam support.  This results in a more reliable union between foam layer and germ barrier, without thereby compromising the absorbency of the foam in respect of wound exudate. (RDC 9/5/2012)


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