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Patent Titles

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Foamable composite resin particle for frozen storage


Process for removing metal species in the presence of hydrogen and a porous material and polyester polymer containing reduced amounts of metal species

Polylactic acid composition, foam molded article thereof and method of producing the same


Bioengineered protein pores


Compositions, additives, and compounds for melt processable, foamable, and cellular fluoroploymers

Method and system for injecting liquid in a porous material


Polyether polyol based-premix composition and foaming composition containing the premix composition 

Foam element with hydrophilic substances incorporated in it 

Three dimensional porous polymeric structure having a pore-size range of 1/10 to 10 times the average pore size 


Sponge polymer with controlled long chain branching and broad molecular weight distribution 

Expandable, porous apatite/collagen composite, and its production method 

Foamable composition and uses thereof 

Oil and liquid silicone foamable carriers and formulations 


Process for the production of expanded plastic materials, in particular PVC-based polymeric foams and a formulation of a polymeric blend for effecting said process 


Foamed articles exhibiting improved thermal properties 


Porous sheet and method for manufacturing the porous sheet 


Thermoplastic composition with fly ash material

Lattice-structures and constructs with designed thermal expansion coefficients 


Method for treating a porous article 


121. 8,574,340 
Methods for preparing and using metal and/or metal oxide porous materials 


120. 8,569,407 
Biodegradable material composed of a polymer comprising a porous metal-organic framework 

119. 8,569,391 
Ordered porous mesostructured materials from nanoparticle-block copolymer self-assembly 

118. 8,569,193 
Preparation of surface functionalized porous organic-inorganic hybrid materials or mesoporous materials with coordinatively unsaturated metal sites and catalytic applications thereof 

117. 8,568,877 
Porous and non-porous nanostructures 

116. 8,568,838 
Power control for densification of one or more porous articles 

115. 8,568,633 
Elastic particle foam based on polyolefin/styrene polymer mixtures 

 114. 8,568,104 
Fast set material proportioner 


113. 8,557,886 
Storage-stable polyol compositions for producing rigid polyisocyanurate foam 


112. 8,552,189 
Hybrid porous material and methods of preparing the same 

111. 8,552,077 
Trimer catalyst additives for improving foam processability 

110. 8,551,216 
Porous bodies and methods 


109. 8,545,786 
Manufacture of porous net-shaped materials comprising alpha or beta tricalcium phosphate or mixtures thereof 


108. 8,535,594 
Method for producing hollow bodies from plastic and hollow plastic bodies with novel properties 


107. 8,530,613 
Preparation of meso-porous polymer based nano-polymerized composite material 

106. 8,530,560 
Porous biocompatible polymer material and methods 

105. 8,529,817 
Stretched thermoplastic resin foam sheet and process for production of the same 


104. 8,524,790 
Starch film and method for manufacturing starch foam 

103. 8,524,630 
Mesoporous aluminas stabilized with rare earth and phosphorous 

102. Method for manufacturing briquetted solid fuel using porous coal as starting material 


101. 8,518,490 
Porous material production method 

100. 8,517,059 
Blow-molded foam and process for producing the same 


99 . 8,512,490 
Homogeneous mesoporous nanoenergetic metal oxide composite fabrication methods 


98. 8,507,399 
Porous organic-inorganic hybrid materials with crystallinity and method for preparing thereof 


97. 8,500,843 
Controlled porosity article


96. 8,497,311 
Silicone-containing polyisocyanurate foam 


95. 8,491,963 
Method of densifying thin porous substrates by chemical vapor infiltration, and a loading device for such substrates 


94. 8,487,012 
Open celled foams, implants including them and processes for making same   


93. 8,481,096 
Microwave foam product with blue or purple inclusions 

92. 8,479,371 
Process for treatment of porous substrates


91. 8,476,326 
Fibrillated polyolefin foam 

90. 8,475,724 
Method and apparatus for plasma-treating porous body


89. 8,470,900 
Porous polymer and synthetic method thereof 


88. 8,465,847 
Manufacture of shape-memory alloy cellular materials and structures by transient-liquid reactive joining 


87. 8,455,178 
Coating compositions for photolithography 

86. 8,455,176 
Coating composition 

85. 8,455,175 
Photosensitive composition 

84. 8,455,174 
Polymers, methods of use thereof, and methods of decomposition thereof 

83. 8,455,173 
Photosensitive insulating resin composition, cured product of the composition, and method of producing insulating film 

82. 8,455,156 
Separator for fuel cell and fuel cell 

81. 8,455,155 
Inexpensive approach for coating bipolar plates for PEM fuel cells 

80. 8,455,141 
Polymer electrolyte as well as polymer electrolyte membrane, membrane electrode assembly and polymer electrolyte fuel cell using the same 

79.  8,455,140 
Porous polymer separator layer having a non-uniform cross sectional thickness for use in a secondary liquid electrolyte battery 

78. 8,455,091 
Method for introduction of filling materials in liquid form into porous bodies 

77. 8,455,082 
Polymer materials for formation of registered arrays of cylindrical pores 

76. 8,454,270 
Portable foam dispensing machine 


75. 8,450,383 
Extruded polymer foams containing esters of a sugar and a brominated fatty acid as a flame retardant additive 


74. 8,445,395 
Method of obtaining porous ceramics 


73. 8,436,061 
Organic, open cell foam materials, their carbonized derivatives, and methods for producing same 


72. 8,431,208 
Multilayered cellular metallic glass structures 


71. 8,426,016 
Silicone-impregnated foam product with fillers and method for producing same 


70. 8,415,403 
Mesoporous materials and reactants for preparing them 


69. 8,409,482 
Porous member 


68. 8,399,062 
Elastomeric foam product 


67.  8,394,877  
Method for manufacturing porous structure and method for forming pattern 


66. 8,389,663 
Photo-patternable dielectric materials curable to porous dielectric materials, formulations, precursors and methods of use thereof 

65. 8,389,590 
Process and installation for the production of foam in a continuous foaming process 

64. 8,388,506 
Sequencing unit for opening devices to be glued to sealed packages of pourable food products 


63. 8,383,782 
Composite materials comprising supported porous gels 

62.  8,383,693 
Aerogel, and composition and method for manufacturing the aerogel 

61. 8,383,187 
Rough porous constructs 

60. 8,383,079 
Molecular sieves having micro and mesoporosity, their synthesis and their use in the organic conversion reactions

59. 8,383,024 
Porous material and method for fabricating same 


58. 8,377,567 
Highly corrosion-resistant porous metal member 

57. 8,377,357 
Method for the production of a thermoplastic plate comprising at least one smooth edge, device therefore, and edge machining system 

56. 8,377,315 
Method for manufacturing porous microstructures, porous microstructures manufactured according to this method, and the use thereof 

55. 8,377,241 
Method of making porous self-cohered web materials 

54. 8,377,147 
Control of materials and porous magnetic particles 

53. 8,376,190 
Foam pump dispenser having leakage prevention function against reverse flow 


52. 8,372,998 
Process for preparing porous metal-organic framework materials 

51. 8,372,893 
Polyurethane foam 

50. 8,372,892 
Attached, high reactivity rigid polyurethane foams 

49. 8,372,759 
Molecular self-assembly in substrate processing 

48. 8,372,512 
Polylactic acid-based resin foamed particles for in-mold foam-molding and method for producing the same, as well as method for producing polylactic acid-based resin foam-molded article 

47. 8,372,510 
High strength monolithic carbon foam 

46. 8,372,322 
Process for the formation of pores in a polymer matrix 

45. 8,372,282 
Mixing chamber 


44. 8,367,809 
Composite materials comprising supported porous gels containing reactive functional groups 

43. 8,367,198 
Precisely-shaped porous particles 

42. 8,367,197 
Composition for rigid polyurethane foam and rigid polyurethane foam produced using 

41. 8,366,219 
Foam inserts for refrigerator cabinet 


40. 8,362,099 
Method for producing polyrethane soft foam materials 

39. 8,362,098 
Process for producing viscoelastic polyurethane foams 

38. 8,361,592 
Honeycomb structure, honeycomb catalytic body and manufacturing method of the same 

37. 8,361,491  Mesoporous implants for administering substances and methods of producing implants 

36. 8,361,434 
Extra mesoporous Y zeolite 

35. 8,361,420 
Porous bodies and methods 

34. 8,361,406 
Porous bodies and methods 

33. 8,361,400 
Honeycomb structural body 

32. 8,361,399 
Honeycomb filter 

31. 8,361,381 
Medical implants having a porous coated surface 

30. 8,361,380 
Method for forming porous metal implants 

29. 8,361,363 
Foam board of polyolefin resin and method for its production 

28. 8,361,362 
Method for producing expanding styrene polymer granules 

27. 8,361,361 
Foaming agents for thermoplastic resins and method of preparing same 

26. 8,361,353 
Method for making novel compositions capable of post fabrication modification 

25. 8,361,322 
Impregnated expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE) tubing as a stationary phase 

24. 8,361,203 
Carbon porous body and adsorbent using the same 

23. 8,361,153 
Porous intervertebral distraction spacers 


22. 8,357,727 
Durable foam of olefin polymers, methods of making foam and articles prepared from same  

21. 8,357,253
Heat treat configuration for porous carbon-carbon composites

20. 8,356,717 
Hydrophilic porous substrates 


19. 8,354,461 
Foamable fluoropolymer composition 

18. 8,354,185 
Microporous polyethylene film with good property of strength and permeability at high temperature 

17. 8,353,883 
Elastomeric glove containing a foam donning layer 

16. 8,353,501 
Foam spring for pillows, cushions, mattresses or the like and a method for manufacturing such a foam spring 


15. 8,110,137 
Process for manufacturing a plastic-based cellular structure 


14. 8,106,106 
Insulation boards and methods for their manufacture 

13. 8,105,846 
Methods using pores 

12. 8,105,669 
Insert-molded product having porous member 

11. 8,105,513 
Pipette tip containing particle-filled polymer monolith

10. 8,105,459 
Method and apparatus for producing labeled, plastic foam containers, and product of same 


9. 8,101,686 
Interpolymer resin particles


8. 8,093,309 
Light colored foam for use in marine applications

7. 8,092,864
Mandrel and method for coating open-cell implantable endovascular structures

6. 8,092,753 
Porous bodies and methods


5. 8,088,844 
Shapable resin compositions

4. 8,088,717 
Compressible objects having partial foam interiors combined with a drilling fluid to form a variable density drilling mud

3. 8,088,716 
Compressible objects having a predetermined internal pressure combined with a drilling fluid to form a variable density drilling mud\

2. 8,088,401 
Composite material comprising a porous semiconductor impregnated with an organic substance


1. 8,080,483
Double gyroid structure nanoporous films and nanowire networks


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