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“Conventionally, fuel tanks for motor vehicles, etc. have been formed of metal. But, recently, fuel tanks formed of a thermoplastic synthetic resin have been frequently used, because it is lightweight, free from rust, and readily formed into a desired configuration.

In many cases, the fuel tanks formed of thermoplastic synthetic resin have been produced with the blow molding method, because tubular bodies can be readily formed therewith. With the blow molding method, a cylindrical-shaped parison composed of a molten synthetic resin is extruded into a mold from the upper side thereof, and air is blown into the parison while holding the parison with the mold.

On the other hand, upon blow molding, there are the cases where fuel gas generated inside the fuel tank must be discharged outside thereof, and air must be introduced inside thereof, because the inside pressure of the fuel tank becomes negative. In such cases, in order to prevent fuel that is liquid from flowing out of the fuel tank, valves have been provided inside the fuel tank, along with tubes and discharge holes adapted to discharge gas outwardly.”

[Takeuchi  et al, US Patent 8,191,568 (6/5/2012)


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