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Fiber-reinforced polymer composites containing functionalized carbon nanotubes
Zhu et al of Rice University, Texas, integrated carbon nanotubes into epoxy polymer composites via chemical functionalization of carbon nanotubes.  Integration is enhanced through improved dispersion and/or covalent bonding with the epoxy matrix during the curing process.  In general, such methods involve the attachment of chemical moieties (i.e., functional groups) to the sidewall and/or end-cap of carbon nanotubes such that the chemical moieties react with either the epoxy precursor(s) or the curing agent(s) (or both) during the curing process. Additionally, in some embodiments, these or additional chemical moieties can function to facilitate dispersion of the carbon nanotubes by decreasing the van der Waals attractive forces between the nanotubes. (RDC 6/7/2012)

Continuous method and apparatus of functionalizing carbon nanotube
Lee et al of Hanwha Chemical Corporation, South Korea developed  a continuous method for functionalizing a carbon nanotube by feeding functional compounds having one or more functional group into a functionalizing reactor into which a carbon nanotube mixture including oxidizer is fed under a pressure of 50 to 400 atm and a temperature of 100 to C. to a subcritical water or supercritical water condition of a pressure of 50 to 40 atm. (RDC 6/6/2012)


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