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Method for removing a carbonization catalyst from a graphene sheet and method for transferring the graphene sheet
Choi, Kim and Hong of Samsung, South Korea, removed carbonization catalyst from a graphene sheetwith a salt solution, which is capable of oxidizing the carbonization catalyst. (RDC 5/4/2012)

Method for exfoliating carbonization catalyst from graphene sheet, method for transferring graphene sheet from which carbonization catalyst is exfoliated to device, graphene sheet and device using the graphene sheet
Shen, Choi ans Yoon of Samsun, South Korea, removed a  carbonization catalyst for forming graphene from a graphene sheet by etching.  A binder layer may be formed on the graphene sheet on which a carbonization catalyst is formed, to support and fix all or part of the graphene sheet. Further, the graphene sheet from which the carbonization catalyst is exfoliated may be transferred to a device.  When exfoliating the carbonization catalyst from the graphene sheet, an acid may be used together with a wetting agent. (RDC  5/1/2012)


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