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3. 8,410,245 
Enhancing the physical properties of semi-crystalline polymers via solid-state shear pulverization 

Solid-state processing methods, such as ball milling, mechanical alloying, pan milling, and solid-state shear pulverization, have recently been employed to achieve intimate mixing of blends and nanocomposites, leading in some cases to materials that cannot be produced via conventional processing methods.  Vaia and co-workers demonstrated, through the use of cryo-compounding, the ability to reduce the tactoid/agglomerate size of organically modified montmorillonite in epoxy-organoclay nanocomposites. While much work involving solid-state processing has focused on heterogeneous systems and mixtures, relatively little has been done on homopolymers.

Torkelson, Pierre and Flores of Northwestern University, Illinois, developed solid-state shear pulverization processing resulting in enhanced isothermal crystallization rates (as measured by reduced isothermal crystallization half-times) of at least 27% for PP, 85% for LDPE and 92% for PBT. The Young's modulus of PCL increased by 65% after pulverization, and comparable or lesser changes were observed in the other polymers. As demonstrated, solid-state shear pulverization processing of semi-crystalline polymers can result in the enhancement of the crystallization behavior of the polymer. These enhancements can be accompanied by dramatic increases in the physical properties of the polymer such as increased melt viscosity, modulus and lower gas permeability.


2. 8,388,873 
Method for recycling all waste plastics in particular mixed plastics 

Hofmann and Gercke of CVP Clean Value Plastics GmbH, Germany, developed method for the recycling mixtures of waste plastic by grinding flakes or other plastic parts in at least one refiner stage in the presence of water in several stages. (RDC 3/19/2013)


1. 8,210,458 
Recirculating grinding mill with external risers
Strasser and Seemann of KHD Humboldt Wedag GmbH, Germany, developed a recirculating grinding mill, including at least two rolling presses for comminuting the material to be ground, at least two first classifiers for classifying a coarse-grain fraction, at least one second classifier for classifying a fine-grain fraction and a medium-grain fraction from the fractions classified in the at least two first classifiers.  The feedstock is fed into the recirculating grinding mill passing the at least two rolling presses and the at least two first classifiers and then the at least one second classifier and the medium-grain fraction and the coarse fraction of the at least two first classifiers being fed once again to the rolling presses, and the at least two first classifiers being arranged underneath the at least two rolling presses. The rolling presses are placed between at least two risers for transporting the circulating material being ground. (RDC 7/5/2012)


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