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Membrane comprising oxyethylene groups
Kase and Itami of Fujifilm, Netherlands, developed a membrane from monomers with at least 70 oxyethylene groups and at least two polymerizable groups for separating polar gases and vapors such as natural gas and flue gas.  These membranes have a high permeability to polar gases such as CO2, H2S, NH3, SO4, and nitrogen oxides, especially NOx and a high selectivity for these polar gases over non-polar gases, vapors and liquids.  (RDC 5/23/2012)

Gas separation process using membranes with permeate sweep to remove CO.sub.2 from gaseous fuel combustion exhaust

Wijmans, Merkel and  Baker of Membrane Technology and Research, California, developed a gas separation process for treating exhaust gases from the combustion of gaseous fuels, and gaseous fuel combustion processes including such gas separation.  The invention involves routing a first portion of the exhaust stream to a carbon dioxide capture step, while simultaneously flowing a second portion of the exhaust gas stream across the feed side of a membrane, flowing a sweep gas stream, usually air, across the permeate side, then passing the permeate/sweep gas back to the combustor.  The preferred membrane material is made of polyamide-polyether block copolymer with a selectivity of 10 or greater(RDC 5/23/2012)

Ethanol processing with vapour separation membranes

Plante et al of Parker Filtration, Netherlands, developed a gas separation process for removing water from ethanol in a fermentation process.  Permeate from the membrane unit is compressed and may be used for example as heating steam for distillation. The membrane unit may have two or more stages.  Permeate from a stage may be condensed and used for example as fermentation make up water, compressed and fed to the permeate from an upstream stage or heating steam, or fed to another membrane stage for further dewatering. The gas separation membrane unit may be used to remove water from a fermentation broth that has been partially dewatered, for example by one or more of a distillation column or molecular sieve. (RDC 4/18/2012)


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