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3. 8,231,957 
PTFE membranes and gaskets made therefrom
Bowen et al of Gore Enterprise Holdings, Inc., Delaware, developed expanded PTFE materials and improved gasket materials made therefrom, the gaskets being capable of forming a seal with greater bolt load retention than is possible with existing PTFE gaskets.  The expanded PTFE membranes of the invention can be tailored to exhibit a matrix tensile strength in at least one direction of at least 25,000 psi, a matrix tensile strength ratio in two orthogonal directions of between 0.25 and 4, an orientation index of or less, and a density of 2.0 g/cc or less. The improved gaskets exhibit improved mechanical properties such as high bolt load retention, low creep, high tensile strength, low stress to seal and high crystallinity index. (RDC 8/10/2012)

2. 8,177,239 
Elastomeric sealing element
Hornig of ElringKlinger. Germany, developed rubber seals with the highest thermal and chemical resistance, and at the same time to save on costs and resources it is suggested that the elastomeric sealing element comprise a first and a second sealing section, wherein the first sealing section is produced with the use of a first elastomeric material containing a first cross-linking system, wherein the second sealing section is produced with the use of a second elastomeric material containing a second cross-linking system, wherein the first and the second sealing sections border directly on one another in a seam area and their elastomeric materials are materially joined to one another, and wherein at least one of the two cross-linking systems comprises, in addition, a cross-linking agent for the respectively other elastomeric material. (RDC 5/22/2012)

1. 8,136,819 
Sealing structure and gasket
Yoshitsune et al of MAHLE Filter Systems, Japan, developed a gasket which can seal both of a portion where a groove for mounting the gasket is formed and a portion where a groove for mounting the gasket is not formed when the portions are connected.   (RDC 5/11/2012)


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