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2. 8,343,691 
Hologram recording material and hologram recording medium 
Mizushima et al of TDK Corporation, Japan, developed a hologram recording material which is not required to be subjected to pre-exposure treatment at the time of recording, attains high refractive index change, high sensitivity, low scattering, environment resistance, durability, low dimensional change, and high multiplicity, and is suitable for volume hologram recording.  This hologram recording material consists of a matrix material having a softening temperature of 50 C. or higher, and a photopolymerizable monomer which is in a liquid phase state at room temperature.  The matrix material is preferably contained in an amount of 50% by weight or more and 90% by weight or less of the whole of the hologram recording material.  A softening temperature of the hologram recording material is preferably C. or higher.  The matrix material consists of an organometallic compound which at least contains at least two kinds of metals, oxygen, and an aromatic group, and has an organometallic unit. The two aromatic groups are bonded directly to one metal, and which has a softening temperature of C. or higher.  (RDC 1/10/2013)

1. 8,187,770 
High performance, crosslinked polymeric material for holographic data storage
Hawker et al of the University of California, California, developed an optical recording material of a dewar benzene monomer, with at least two cross-linkable groups, a sensitizer, a cross-linker, and an initiator. The material does not require a binder or a co-sensitizer. The material can be fabricated by an exceedingly easy technique that offers high photosensitivity, high diffraction efficiency, millimeter thickness, and high dynamic range. (RDC 6/7/2012)


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