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Polyolefin adhesive compositions
Jiang et al of ExxonMobil, Texas, developed a hot melt adhesive consisting of a polyolefin base polymer, 1 to 10 wt % of at least one functionalized polyolefin, and 1 to 15 wt % of a wax.  The wax has a weight average molecular weight at least 8% of the weight average molecular weight of the polyolefin base polymer, viscosity at 190 C of 60 mPa or more, and a crystallization temperature greater than the polyolefin base polymer and 100 C.  The adhesive has at least 5% fiber tear at 2 C., at least 50% fiber tear at 25 C and a characteristic set time of less than 3 seconds. (RDC 8/30/2012)


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