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3. 8,287,273 
Method of and apparatus for changing colors of injection molding hot runner die
Isobe, Takamura and Matsuda of Honda, Japan, developed a color changing apparatus of an injection molding hot runner die which is simple in construction and easily capable of changing colors for molding products without removing and replacing a hot runner.  In the apparatus, a passage for supplying a melted resin to a molding die, a divided type hot runner block is provided with hot runners each for exclusive use of each of molding colors, sprues and nozzles being in communication with the hot runners.  A moving device is provided for moving the molding die, which is united with the divided type hot runner block, along with the divided type hot runner block.  A positioning device is adapted to place the molding die in position in a state where either of the sprues of the divided type hot runner block is moved by the moving device to a position opposed to an injection nozzle for injecting the melted resin.  (RDC 10/24/2012)

2. 8,282,870 
Safety connector for hot runner, having latch destructively interlocking valve stem with actuation plate
Bouti, Gray and Lawrence of Husky Injection Molding Systems Ltd., Canada, developed a safety connector for a hot runner having a valve stem and an actuation assembly.  The safety connector includes: a shear member releasably interlocking the valve stem with the actuation assembly, once the shear member has interlocked the valve stem with the actuation assembly, the valve stem becomes movable in response to movement of the actuation assembly and the shear member being configured to shear destructively, and responsive to a predetermined undesired force acting on the shear member the shear member shears and the valve stem) becomes released from the actuation assembly” (RDC 10/15/2012)

1. 8,282,387 
Hot runner nozzle for lateral spraying
Braun of Ewikon Heisskanalsysteme GmbH & Co KG, Germany, developed a hot runner nozzle for lateral injection of plastic components.  The nozzle includes a multi-part nozzle body including at least one tip element which protrudes outwardly over a circumferential area of the nozzle body.  The multi-part nozzle body further includes a nozzle body clamping disk section and a nozzle body base section having an axial side that has at least one recess arranged on the axial side to accommodate the at least one tip element. (RDC 10/11/2012)


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