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7. 8,287,991 
Using branched polymers to control the dimensional stability of articles in the lamination process
Donelson et al of Eastman Chemical Company, Tennessee, developed laminated articles with a first polymer layer and a second polymer layer having an inclusion embedded between the layers, wherein at least one layer comprises a branching agent to improve dimensional stability during the lamination process such as a copolyester with a branching agent to improve dimensional stability during the lamination process. (RDC 11/1/2012)

6. 8,286,919 
Impact resistant composite structures
Gerken and Thompson of Boeing, Illinois, developed an impact resistant composite sandwich structure including least one laminate face sheet joined to a stiffening element. The stiffening element includes a plurality of fibers and a resin for binding the fibers. The resin has a strain-to-failure greater than approximately 6%. (RDC 10/23/2012)

5. 8,272,188 
Composite laminate structure
Johnson et al of Ebert Composites Corporation, California, developed sandwich structures with outside skins of a polymer matrix composite and an internal core of either foam, end-grain balsa wood, or honeycomb and Z-axis fiber reinforcement through the composite laminate and normal to the plane of the polymer matrix composite skins using pultrusion. (RDC 9/25/2012)

4. 8,257,537 
Manufacturing device and manufacturing method of laminate
Shinoda and Nagaoka of Toray Industries, Japan, produced a laminate by vacuum assisted RTM.  The inter-layers of a laminate precursor are integrated with two or more reinforcing fiber base materials.  This includes a pressing and heating tool.  (RDC 9/10/2012)

3. 8,211,268 
Tie layer compositions for fiber reinforced thermoplastic--thermoset structural element
Raghavendran et al of Milliken & Company, South Carolina, developed a process for simultaneously consolidating to form a fiber reinforced thermoplastic and thermoset structural element that contain, in order; a fiber reinforced thermoplastic member, a tie layer, and a fiber reinforced thermoset member.  The fiber reinforced thermoplastic member, contains multiple layers of fibers and a thermoplastic matrix at least partially surrounding the fibers. The fiber reinforced thermoset member contains multiple layers of fibers and a thermoset matrix at least partially surrounding the fibers. The tie layer contains a first polymer and a second polymer. (RDC 7/5/2012)

2. 8,187,694 
Composite plate member
Horng, Taiwan, developed a composite plate member having a high tensile strength including a metal plate with binding strips and a plastic plate member directly molded on the bonding face of the metal plate member by insert molding to have the binding strips be embedded in the plastic plate member. (RDC 6/7/2012)

1. 8,177,935 
Laminated plate and end treatment method of the laminated plate
Hasegawa and Noto of Meiwa Industry, produced a laminated plate by supporting a thermoplastic resin-made laminated material in which a pair of plate-like members  are laminated to each other while interposing a longitudinal wall portion so that a peripheral edge portion can be exposed.  The  heating and softening the peripheral edge portion by blowing a hot air and pressing the plate-like member against other plate-like member  by thrusting a cutting blade of a cutting die  against the heated and softened peripheral edge portion, thereby bringing the pair of plate-like members into contact with each other and welding the plate-like members to each other, and then cutting the laminated plate out of the laminated material. (RDC 5/23/2012)


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