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Composite Fabrication



2. “Hand lay-up is the simplest and oldest open molding method of the composite fabrication processes. It is a low volume, labor intensive method suited especially for large components, such as boat hulls. Glass or other reinforcing mat or woven fabric or roving is positioned manually in the open mold, and resin is poured, brushed, or sprayed over and into the glass plies. Entrapped air is removed manually with squeegees or rollers to complete the laminates structure. Room temperature curingpolyesters and epoxies are the most commonly used matrix resins. Curing is initiated by a catalyst in the resin system, which hardens the fiber reinforced resincomposite without external heat. For a high quality part surface, a pigmented gel coat is first applied to the mold surface.” (Engineer’s Handbook, Hand Lay-Up, 4/24/2012)

1. “Composite structures are typically constructed from multiple layers or plies. These plies may include a variety of materials such as carbon fiber, various other fibers, metal foils, and the like. In addition, the plies may be pre-impregnated with a resin and are often dispensed from a roll or spool. Typically, multiple plies are applied, one upon another, sometimes in multiple directions, to generate a "layup" of the composite item. This layup or "preform" is generally built up within a mold or over a form. Often, the plies are slightly oversized to ease the layup process. Depending upon the materials utilized and post-layup procedures that may be performed, any excess composite material is cut from the layup before or after the layup is cured. [Evans and Heigl, US Patent 8,132,487 (3/13/2012)]


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