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4. 8,241,752 
Transparent conductive articles and methods of making same
Bright of 3M, Minnesota, developed a lightweight, coated, flexible, plastic substrate for OLED displays.  The layer has both a low enough resistance to function as an electrode for the display, and low oxygen and moisture permeability.  The display is thereby protected from oxygen and moisture degradation.  The barrier material includes at least one of a thin metallic film, an organic polymer, a thin transparent dielectric, a thin transparent metal nitride, and a thin transparent conductive oxide. The conductive material includes at least one of a thin transparent conductive oxide, a thin transparent metallic film, and a thin transparent metal nitride. Preferably, a multilayer polymer base coat is deposited over the substrate to exclude moisture and atmospheric gases. (RDC 8/24/2012)

3. 8,231,946 
Norbornene polymer comprising photoreactive functional group having halogen substituent group, process for preparing the same, and alignment layer using the same
Yoo et al of LG Chem, Ltd., South Korea, developed a photoreactive norbornene polymer from a photoreactive norbornene monomer, for an alignment layer in a liquid crystal display.  The photoreactive norbornene polymer includes a photoreactive functional group having a halogen such as a fluorine leading to a compositional gradient in the alignment layer to improve an orientation rate, an orientation, and adhesion.  (RDC 8/10/2012)

2. 8,231,806 
Liquid-crystalline medium and liquid-crystal display
Czanto et al of Merck, Germany, developed dielectrically positive liquid-crystalline media with alkyl, alkoxy, fluorinated alkyl or fluorinated alkoxy groups.  These groups enable liquid-crystalline media with a suitably high .DELTA..di-elect cons., a suitable phase range and .DELTA.n which do not exhibit the disadvantages of the materials from the prior art. (RDC 8/7/2012)

1. 8,217,117 
Optical film
Hino, Takahata and Yada of Sumitomo Chemical Company, Japan,  developed a polyolefin optical film containing 8 to 30 wt % A and 92 to 70 wt % B.  A is an amorphous polyolefin and Bis a propylene based polymer with which a crystal fusion peak having a crystal fusion heat larger than 30 J/g from -50 to 200 C.  (RDC 7/30/2012)


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