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PDLC films
Duponchel et al of the Universite de Mons, Belgium, and the Universite du Litteral Cote Opale, France, developed a grafted polymer for polymer/liquid crystal composite films. The grafted polymer includes (alkyl)acrylic acid or (alkyl)acrylamide groups. At least one of the chains is grafted with an alkylphenol or with an alkoxylated alkylphenol. (RDC 6/6/2012)

Medical device employing liquid crystal block copolymers and method of making the same
Chen of Boston Scientific Scimed, Minnesota developed balloon catheters from liquid crystal block copolymers where the A block is mesogenic repeat units and the B block is a soft block. (RDC 6/6/2012)

Alkaloid monomers, liquid crystal compositions and polymer networks derived therefrom
Goldfinger and Qi of Dupong, Delaware, synthesized chiral alkaloid monomers and formed liquid crystal compositions comprising the chiral alkaloid monomers, and polymerized the liquid crystal compositions to provide polymer networks with useful cholesteric optical properties and stability.  (RDC 5/14/2012)


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