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4. 8,211,329 
Lubricant composition and methods of manufacture thereof
Pettersen of Greengold Lubricants, LLC, Connecticut, developed a lubricant consisting of soybean oil; and molybdenum disulfide; the molybdenum disulfide being dispersed in the soybean oil.  Disclosed herein too is a method comprising agitating molybdenum disulfide with soybean oil in a reactor; the mixing being conducted in the presence of a magnetic field that is greater than the earth's field and an electrical field.  Disclosed herein too is a coolant composition comprising water; soap and/or a surfactant; and a lubricant composition; the lubricant composition comprising soybean oil and molybdenum disulfide.  Disclosed herein too is a method of manufacturing a coolant composition comprising mixing a lubricant composition, water and soap; the lubricant composition comprising a base oil and a metal sulfide. (RDC 7/5/2012)

3. 8,193,135 
Ethylene-propylene copolymers suitable for the modification of lubricating oils and process for the preparation thereof
Tanaglia of Polimeri Europa, Italy, developed viscosity index improver (V.I.I.) additives of lubricating oils by a high shear mixing of (i) one or more EP(D)M polymers (ii) 1.5 to 20 wt%  polyvinylarene/conjugated hydrogenated polydiene/polyvinylarene block copolymers; and (iii) 1.5 to 45 wt% lubricating oil. (RDC 6/26/2012)

2. 8,193,133 
Process for preparing fine powder polyurea and greases therefrom
Baum of ExxonMobil, New Jersey, formed polyurea compounds by reacting amines and polyisoyanates in the presence of a liquid diluent in a high-pressure impingement mixing device under conditions sufficient to produce polyurea compounds having the consistency of a powder and in which diluent is dispersed. (RDC 6/26/2012)

1. 8,138,241 
Shapable resin compositions
Gibson et al of Honeywell, New Jersey, developed sucrose esters as lubricants for thermoplastics and thermoplastic foams.  (RDC 5/16/2012)


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