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Process and device for melt-spinning and cooling synthetic filaments
Harris et al of Oerlikon Textile, Germany, developed a process extruding filaments from a polymer melt.  After the extrusion, the filamednts are guided into a cooling shaft for cooling. Within the cooling shaft cool air is blown, via a blower wall, into the cooling shaft, where, for cooling, the filaments are guided along the blower wall and at a specific distance from it. In order to obtain cooling adapted to the particular filament titer, the blowing onto the filaments can be set by selecting one of several operating positions, where to change the operating position of the blower wall it is moved in the direction towards the filaments or in the direction away from the filaments. (RDC 5/24/2012)

Melt spinning blends of UHMWPE and HDPE and fibers made therefrom

Tamn, Amminuddin and Young of Honeywell, Ndew Jersey, developed melt spinnable blends of ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene and high-density polyethylene (HDPE). The compositions include certain 0.05 to 10 micron quasi-spherical particles. (RDC 11/18/2011)xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 

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