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15. 8,592,091 
Method for producing a proton-conducting, structured electrolyte membrane 


14. 8,586,266 
Solid electrolyte multilayer membrane, method and apparatus for producing the same, membrane electrode assembly, and fuel cell 

13. 8,586,265 
Method of forming membrane electrode assemblies for electrochemical devices 


12. 8,580,455 
Crosslinked polybenzoxazines, electrolyte membrane including the same, and fuel cell employing the electrolyte membrane 


11. 8,574,664 
Electrolyte membrane, methods of manufacture thereof and articles comprising the same 


10. 8,552,075 
Low permeability composite proton exchange membrane including organic-inorganic hybrid 


9. 8,541,138 
Perfluorinated membranes and improved electrolytes for redox cells and batteries 


8. 8,492,050 
Polymer electrolyte fuel cells membrane and a method of creating thereof 


7. 8,487,070 
Sulfonated poly(arylene ether) having crosslinkable moiety combined in chain of polymer, sulfonated poly(arylene ether) having crosslinkable moieties combined in polymer and at polymer end group, and polymer electrolyte membrane using sulfonated poly(arylene ether) 

6. 8,486,579 
Polymer blend proton exchange membrane and method for manufacturing the same


5. 8,470,896 
Acid block anion membrane 

4. 8,470,895 
Polymer electrolyte membrane comprising alkylether graft chain and method of producing the same 


3. 8,465,856 
Solid polymer electrolyte membrane and production method of the same 


2. 8,461,287 
Polymer electrolyte membrane

1. 8,440,366 
Solid polymer electrolyte fuel cell membrane with anion exchange membrane 


Patent Abstracts



“Batteries and accumulators can be replaced by fuel cells. These typically have a hydrogen storage system, a first electrode acting as the anode, a second electrode acting as the cathode, and a membrane which is located between the electrodes and is connected to the hydrogen storage system. The membrane is permeable to protons and impermeable to hydrogen. In micro fuel cells, a film, usually obtainable commercially under the name DuPont.TM. Nafion.RTM. PFSA membrane, is used as the electrolyte membrane. The electrolyte membrane contains chemically stabilized sulfonic acid groups, which enable a high ionic conductivity.” (Erdler et al of Micronas, Germany, US Patent 8,592,091, 11/26/2013)


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