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“The present invention relates to a method of imprinting a microstructure of an order of micrometers to nanometers on an article, an apparatus for imprinting the microstructure and a stamper having the microstructure in a face thereof for imprinting the microstructure on the article. The microstructures may be classified into micrometer order structures and nanometer order structures.

Recent years, microstructurization or shrinking of semiconductor integrated circuits are being in progress more and more. In order to realize micro-fine machining for the microstructurization, a high precision machining of pattern forming of the semiconductor integrated circuits has been conducted by using a photolithographic device. However, there may be a limit for shrinking the micromachining because the order of the micro-machining has come to close to the wavelength of the exposure light. In order to further aim at micro-structurization, an electron beam drawing device, which is a kind of charged particle ray apparatus has been used in place of photolithography apparatus.”

[Washiya  et al, US Patent 8,192,637 (6/5/2012)]


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