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Transdermal Drug Release





“Microneedles puncture the stratum corneum, allowing passage of drug into the subject, but preferably do not induce a pain response because the microneedles do not penetrate to the dermal layer of the skin which is provided with nerve cells.

Several methods have been proposed for the manufacture of microneedles. U.S. Pat. No. 6,558,361 discloses the use of photolithography to produce microneedles. WO2004/062899 discloses the formation of microneedles using a mould. Other needle and master fabrication methods include etching techniques, thermal oxidation of silicon, Liga, stereolithography, laser machining and laser ablation.

Such methods are typically time consuming and require expensive facilities to fabricate microneedles. Moulding, for example, presents other problems, such as the quality of the microneedles being limited by the quality of the master and the lifetime of the mould. Furthermore, moulds present problems in the event that the needles are of a high aspect ratio; such moulds may be difficult to fill and may not be released readily from the microneedles formed by the mould. The present invention seeks to mitigate at least one or more of the problems of the prior art.

[Kirby, US Patent 8,192,787 (6/5/2012)]


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