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Overmolded containers and methods of manufacture and use thereof
Shi, Durham and Readdy of The Coca-Cola Company, Georgia, developed overmolded containers for enhanced visual and tactile characteristics, enabling innovative packaging designs, improved grippability and thermal insulation.  The process includes forming a container preform of a thermoplastic polymer, such as a PET copolymer; overmolding an elastomeric material over at least a portion of the preform and blow-molding the overmolded preform to form an overmolded container such as a beverage container. (RDC 6/25/2012)

Delamination-resistant multilayer container, preform and method of manufacture
Bourgeoi of Graham Packaging, Pennsylvania, developed a plastic container or preform by injection moldng with a multilayer wall having at least one layer of polyester resin, at least one layer of barrier resin, and an adhesion-promoting material blended with the barrier resin and/or the polyester resin to promote bonding between the barrier and polyester layers. The adhesion-promoting material includes an organometallic coupling agent based upon titanium, zirconium or aluminum. The organometallic coupling agent preferably has an amino end group with an affinity for carboxylic end groups in the polyester, and preferably is selected from the group consisting of neopentyl(diallyl)oxy, tri(N-ethylenediamino) ethyl titanate, zirconate and aluminate. Coupling agents based upon titanium and zirconium are particularly preferred for containers and preforms having a clear (non-colored) wall. (RDC 6/25/2012)


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