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2. 8,389,589 
Nanoporous media with lamellar structures 
Cha et al of International Business Machines Corporation, developed a lamellar nanoporous The material cconsists of  three or more substantially parallel sheets of an organosilicate material, separated by highly porous spacers.  The distance between the centers of the sheets is between 1 nm and 50 nm.  The highly porous spacer regions may be substantially free of condensed material.   The matrix  consists of non-amphiphilic polymeric material and templating polymeric material dispersed in a solvent, where the templating polymeric material is a polymeric amphiphilic material. The dispersion is plated on a substrate with a templating material.   The solvent is removed, leaving the polymeric materials in place. The matrix polymeric material is cured, forming a lamellar structure.  (RDC 3/29/2013)

1. 8,304,026 
Microporous materials, methods of making, using, and articles thereof
Smith et al of the University of Utah Research Foundation, Utah, produced a pigmented composite by contacting a microporous material with a tin compound to form a composite then contacting the composite with a pigment consisting of an elemental metal, a metal oxide, a metal alloy, a metal salt, or a combination thereof to produce the pigmented composite. These pigmented composites are useful for separating one or more analytes present in a fluid sample. (RDC 12/21/2012)


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